8 Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Many developers generate CSS style sheets using a CSS pre-processor, such as Less, Sass, or Stylus etc. They create dynamic style sheet using variable, constants, mixins and general faster syntax and then parse into regular style sheets. This is a smart technique which provides easy CSS management and speed-up development. If you’re working with LESS then there are many useful LESS converter tool that convert LESS into regular CSS.

Today we’ve some best CSS pre-processor tools for you. You can try from these and manage your CSS smartly. So enjoy!

Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Less CSS

Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Less is a widely used CSS pre-processor. It allow variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques in a LESS file to make complete CSS that is more maintainable, themable and extendable.


Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Clay is a featured CSS preprocessor like LESS and Sass that supports nested style rules, modules, functions, mixins, size and color arithmetics and many more.


Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Stylus is a expressive CSS preprocessor that suports all major features like Variables, Interpolation, Mixins, Arithmetic, Type coercion, Dynamic importing, Conditionals, Iteration, Nested selectors and many more.


Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Roole is also a popular CSS preprocessor having some rich dynamic features like Variables, loops, conditions, functions, Nesting, mixin, void etc.



Prepros is an app that process Less, Sass, Scss, Stylus, Jade, Coffeescript, Haml and Markdown. It auto-compiles the source and injects the CSS to the browser so that no refresh is needed.


Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful CSS pre-processor that is compatible with all versions of CSS. It allows variables to be defined which begin with a dollar sign ($) and variable assignment is done with a colon (:).


Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

CSS-Crush is a standards inspired preprocessor designed to enable a modern and uncluttered CSS workflow. It’s features includes Variables, Conditionals, Direct @import, Rule inheritance, Selector grouping, Selector aliases, Nesting, Mixins, Fragments and many more.


Best CSS Preprocessors Tools

Myth is a preprocessor that lets you write pure CSS while still giving you the benefits of tools like LESS and Sass. You can still use variables and math functions.

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